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Thread: Are We "Brainwashed" During Sleep?

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    Default How Waste Gets Washed Out of Our Brain During Sleep

    Maria Cohurt, Ph.D
    November 2, 2019

    A new study illustrates that the brain's cerebrospinal fluid pulses during sleep, and that these motions are closely tied with brain wave activity and blood flow. It may confirm the hypothesis that CSF flow and slow-wave activity both help flush toxic, memory-impairing proteins from the brain.

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    Default Re: Are We "Brainwashed" During Sleep?

    Islander, thanks for fixing the link above. I followed your instructions, but still failed. Let's face it....I'm just a doofus when it comes to posting. Sorry, and thanks again.

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    Default Re: Are We "Brainwashed" During Sleep?

    Not at all! It was some kind of technical malfunction. If it ever happens again, to anyone, here's what to do:
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