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Thread: Dog Owner Issues Urgent Warning - Pooch Poisoned By Diffuser

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    Default Dog Owner Issues Urgent Warning - Pooch Poisoned By Diffuser

    Marianne Whyte
    November 16 2019

    Marianne Whyte, from Christchurch, New Zealand, took to Facebook to urge pet owners to be careful what essential oils they used in their homes, after noticing the negative effects they were having on her pup.
    She wrote: "Saturday night I got home late and my dog didn't recognize me. Being a nanny I thought I woke him up and he was having a night terror. Sunday, he was still acting weird.
    "I realized that I had been running my new diffuser and decided to turn it off. Sunday afternoon, he was feeling better.

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    Default Re: Dog Owner Issues Urgent Warning - Pooch Poisoned By Diffuser

    I have 2 diffusers, one with Rosemary in the study (for concentration & focus) and one with Lavender in the bedroom for relaxation. I carefully reseached both of these oils in relation to dogs and cats... and even after assuring their safety, I choose not to use the lavender when the cats are sleeping in the room — day or night!
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