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Thread: The 10 Healthiest Beans and Other Legumes

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    Default The 10 Healthiest Beans and Other Legumes

    I was surprised at how high in iron some of these legumes (pronounced LEG-yooms) are!

    No author cited, undated

    As every health and nutrition nut will know, beans and other legumes are a must-have in everyone’s diet because they are extremely rich in fiber and packed with plant proteins, essential micronutrients and vitamins. And while that is certainly true of all legumes, it disregards the fact that each variety, be it lentils, chickpeas, soya beans or kidney beans, has its unique properties, benefits, and uses. Let’s take a closer look at 10 of the healthiest and most widely accessible legumes (in no particular order) and find out which ones are best suited for you.

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    Default Re: The 10 Healthiest Beans and Other Legumes

    About 25 some-odd years ago, my late wife and I became interested in finding a perennial bean plant, if in fact such a thing existed, and discovered scarlet (and other) runner beans. We planted them like grape vines up against an existing chainlink fence for support as an experiment, and they grew quite well and abundant, with lots of very pretty red flowers, as well as MANY (green) large black 'n purple mottled beans. However, the following winter destroyed most of the tuber vine plants with just a couple vines recovering and surviving for just o ne more year. At the time we experimented with the scarlet runners, we didn't have access to online info like today, and if I were to retry that experiment all over again, MUCH mulching, and perhaps protective winter covering, would be the idea.
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    Default Re: The 10 Healthiest Beans and Other Legumes

    Since I no longer consume any dairy, I prepare a batch of 2 15 oz cans of refried beans derived from organic pinto beans ( item #8) as a cheese substitute on my morning veggie omelet.

    And a quart of organic beef broth stock is slowly boiled down to a minimum to garnish the RF beans, adding also cumin powder, 2 4oz cans of organic diced green chiles (contains NO calcium chloride), coarse garlic granule powder, and also a little red Cayenne pepper powder. Next, I plan to experiment with organic bone stock. It would be easier if I could locate a good quality source of organic bouillion cubes, all the food stores carry adulterated junk.

    Planning ahead, that refried bean batch will last in the fridge for 2-3 weeks, and also makes a great bean dip for my organic blue corn or casava chips, (both no salt versions as I regulate my own mined pink salt intake). OH, and has anyone ever tried plantain chips?
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