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Thread: Six Approaches to Treat Knee Pain

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    Default Six Approaches to Treat Knee Pain

    Tom Taylor

    Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Nov 27, 2019

    (OMNS November 27, 2019) How many people have you heard complain about knee pain? In teenagers it may be dismissed as "growing pains." In adults, knee problems often are struggled with for years until they cut it out and replace it. This is expensive, with painful recovery, and very likely wildly overused. This article will list interesting alternatives to be considered before letting the saw and chisel crowd have a whack at your knee.
    A starting assumption before going down this list is that health is otherwise in good shape. A good diet and having a high level of antioxidants e.g. vitamin C, is an assumed starting point for any knee recovery (see point 4 below).

    Having studied several sources, here is a list of possible solutions that some have found effective.

    Keep reading: http://orthomolecular.activehosted.c...f073095dd.126&
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    Default Re: Six Approaches to Treat Knee Pain

    Under #4 (Excellent diet), I would include curcumin, boswellia (frankincense), and cherries and cherry juice. Most knee pain is due primarily to inflammation. Another contributing factor is lack of synovial fluid around the joints. Curcumin, boswellia, and cherry juice address both situations. Julieanne posted a 9/17/19 article under the Herbs & Spices thread about how curcumin actually promotes healthy bone cells.
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