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Thread: How Fruit And Vegetable Compounds Help Prevent Colorectal Cancer

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    Default How Fruit And Vegetable Compounds Help Prevent Colorectal Cancer

    Catharine Paddock
    November 29 2019

    Flavonoids are compounds that are naturally present in fruit and vegetables. Scientists have known for 20 years that they can help prevent colorectal cancer but have not fully understood the underlying biology.

    New research reveals the mechanisms through which fruit and vegetable compounds can prevent colon cancer.Now, a new study describes a molecular mechanism through which a product of flavonoid digestion can inhibit cancer cell growth under certain conditions.

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    Default Re: How Fruit And Vegetable Compounds Help Prevent Colorectal Cancer

    It is great to understand the molecular mechanism that shows flavanoids effectiveness against colon cancer. Numerous studies have shown the flavanoids in resveratrol to be anti-colon cancer. Also, curcumin has been proven to prevent and/or reduce colon cancer. In india, where curcumin is used extenisvely, the incidence rate for colon cancer is much lower than most Western countries.

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