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Thread: Prostate Cancer: Home Urine Test Could 'Revolutionize Diagnosis

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    Default Prostate Cancer: Home Urine Test Could 'Revolutionize Diagnosis

    Tim Newman
    December 5 2019

    A new pilot study concludes that at-home urine tests could make prostate cancer diagnoses shorter, simpler, and possibly even more accurate.

    Prostate cancer is common, affecting nearly half of males over 50. However, it tends to develop slowly, and in many cases, health professionals do not consider it clinically significant. In other words, it is not likely to shorten the male's life.
    This poses a real problem for medical professionals, as it becomes difficult to know who to treat and when.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Prostate Cancer: Home Urine Test Could 'Revolutionize Diagnosis

    Given the significance of a prostate exam, I believe the test should be conducted by a professional. A home urine kit seems just another way to generate profits. This article notes that sometimes an "elevated PSA (prostate-specific-antigen) level can send false results. **Men should know there are several activities that can falsely raise the PSA level, like ejaculating and/or having sex within 48 hours of the PSA test. Also, vigorous exercise a day or two before the test can also falsely raise PSA levels. To learn more about activities that can artificially raise the PSA level, read here:

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