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Thread: List of Naturopaths & Functional Medicine docs by state

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    Default List of Naturopaths & Functional Medicine docs by state

    Thanks to Mr. Wizard for finding and posting this useful information.

    Naturopath docs are often certified as "Functional Medicine" docs too. You can locate both here:

    Naturopaths by state:

    Functional Medicine docs by state:

    From ANH: (a third search tool, thanks to Grulla)
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    Default Re: List of Naturopaths & Functional Medicine docs by state

    These web tools are very cool. As usual, absolutely nobody around here.

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    Default Re: List of Naturopaths & Functional Medicine docs by state

    Naturopathic medicine is gaining acceptance at a rapid pace. It shouldn't be too long before most areas are covered. The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) was established 18 yrs. ago. Their website really puts a "happy face" on the Naturopathic field and its continued growth.
    Read about their success here:

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