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Thread: Australia bracing for its highest recorded temperature ever

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    Default Australia bracing for its highest recorded temperature ever

    Gary Walton
    Friday, 13 December 2019

    Australia is bracing for its highest recorded temperature ever which is currently 50.7C, (123 deg F): Brisbane breaks rainfall record with 6 months rain in 2 hours

    Australia's nightmare start to the summer is about to get worse, after the country's worst November in living memory suffering record-breaking wildfires, a crippling drought, toxic-smog and a long heatwave with temperatures above 40 deg C, (104 deg F) in many parts, (Australia was listed as the hottest place in the world on Thursday), another record is about to be broken. The Aussies are bracing themselves from a hot air mass which will fuel another devasting heatwave and it is expected to top Australia's current record high temperature of 50.7C, (123 deg F) at Oodnadatta in SA, that record was set on January 2, 1960.

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    Default Re: Australia bracing for its highest recorded temperature ever

    I have been away for a few days, just catching up on HH and emails now. The high temperatures started in WA, my state, and travelled across to the east, where the fires are. So we had several days in a row at 40C +, but it has cooled down and we have a few days at around 27C - quite a relief. It has been hell on my garden, lost a few young plants, but no big deal. My heart goes out to all those who lost everything in the fire, and I have no right to complain.

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