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Thread: NMSU researchers, extension specialists looking at electricity to control weeds

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    Default NMSU researchers, extension specialists looking at electricity to control weeds

    Melissa Rutter
    Dec. 28, 2019

    Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences is leading the efforts in understanding the biology of whats happening inside weeds and trees as electricity is being used to safely and effectively kill them.
    Erik Lehnhoff, assistant professor of weed ecology in the Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science and his team, which includes Paul Neher, a local inventor and hobby farmer; Donovan Bailey, a professor of biology; Wayne Van Voorhies, a molecular biologist and Leslie Beck, an extension weed specialist, received a competitive grant of $45,115 from the College of ACES to collect background data and write a proposal on the safe and effective way electricity can be used to control weeds.

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    Default Re: NMSU researchers, extension specialists looking at electricity to control weeds

    Of course any safe weed control system will be welcomed by gardeners at any scale. These experimenters seem to be working with strictly ornamental sites, and the results sound promising. What I find a little disturbing is that practitioners don't seem to understand the mechanism at work when the grass or weeds die. Any practice that results in the death of a plant ought to come with an explanation of the mechanics at work, otherwise we could be looking at unintended outcomes.
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