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    I have heard a few people on health forums state that Dr. Axe has a credible health website, but lately when I try to access Dr. Axe's website, I get a bank page "404 website not found". The only Dr. Axe's websites I can access are his health products pages, hmmmm? Anyone else exerience this???

    Then there's this, something I would expect from Stephen Barrett's Quack Watch website:
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    Grulla, it's not only Facebook and Twitter that have taken up the cudgel against misinformation, and it's not only Alex Jones and Mike Adams that have gone down. Dr. Mark Hyman, Sayer Ji (greenmedinfo), even Dr. Mercola's girlfriend (heathnutnews) have been censored. They still have an internet presence but the Masters of Internet Publishing clearly under the influence of corporate entities like the pharmaceutical industry have deliberately made them almost impossible to find. The first two I mentioned, those co-conspirators, have actually had their platforms removed by Google and YouTube. Sayer Ji's newsletter was dropped by Mail Chimp. Anti-vaxx posts will put you in Facebook jail. I'm waiting to see who will be next. Jon Barron? To find them you may have to strategize, such as tracing them through their product listings which, as you point out, still seem to appear. In case you missed the connection, it should be obvious how the long arm of corporations has been empowered.
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