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Thread: Women with transplanted uterus gives birth to 'miracle' baby

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    Default Women with transplanted uterus gives birth to 'miracle' baby

    January 9, 2020

    A woman who gave birth to a boy she carried inside a transplanted womb said Thursday that the experimental procedure delivered a “miracle.”
    Jennifer Gobrecht and her husband, Drew Gobrecht, appeared Thursday at a news conference in Philadelphia. Their child, Benjamin, was the first baby born as part of Penn Medicine’s 2-year-old uterine transplant trial, and the eighth baby in the United States to be born to the recipient of a uterus transplant, according to Penn.
    Jennifer Gobrecht, 33, who was born without a uterus, underwent a 10-hour transplant procedure in 2018. The uterus came from a deceased donor.

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    Default Re: Women with transplanted uterus gives birth to 'miracle' baby

    I share the joy of the happy mother, but... Transplants have to be medicated to prevent rejection. I wonder how much medication penetrated the placenta and affected the uterus... and the child it contained.
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