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Thread: Amid Climate Chaos, Making Food Out Of Algae May Be Our Great Hope

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    Default Amid Climate Chaos, Making Food Out Of Algae May Be Our Great Hope

    James Purtill
    January 16 2020

    With reports that the price of vegetables in Australia will jump up to 50 per cent due to drought and bushfires, it may be time to start thinking about what we're going to eat under climate change.
    And if you've ever eaten blue Smarties, you've already tasted what might be to come.
    The future, according to many, is micro-organisms

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    Default Re: Amid Climate Chaos, Making Food Out Of Algae May Be Our Great Hope

    This is no surprise; I have predictions of shrinking agricultural yields and water shortages from at least 10 years ago. From my experience, even home gardening will become a challenge as climate forces interact to cause crop failures. I can no longer grow full-size tomatoes outdoors. Late spring rains prevent getting crops in the ground when temperatures permit, but then temperatures fall in mid to late summer, preventing fruits from maturing and ripening. The same is true of onions for different reasons: onions are day-length sensitive and need to go into the ground very early in spring in order to produce full sized onions by summer's end, but there again, the ground is too wet in early spring to plant.
    Then there's the issue of planetary-wide water shortage. Fracking calls for enormous water use, but that water is contaminated and cannot be recycled to produce potable water. Yet there are no plans anywhere to cease fracking because the demand for natural gas continues unabated.

    BTW, something is not right about the photo that accompanies the article. The supposed soybean fields look like nothing but green lawn. Soy beans are a row crop. Any soybeans I've ever seen are laid out in clearly visible rows.
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    Default Re: Amid Climate Chaos, Making Food Out Of Algae May Be Our Great Hope

    Algae??? The Monsanto industrial farmers are already being accused of irrigation run-off resulting in (red) algae in our various waterways. I hope this concept of turning algae into food doesn't give Monsanto a free pass on this algae pollution.

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