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Thread: Walnuts May Slow Cognitive Decline In At-Rrisk Elderly

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    Default Walnuts May Slow Cognitive Decline In At-Rrisk Elderly

    Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center
    January 28 2020

    Eating walnuts may help slow cognitive decline in at-risk groups of the elderly population, according to a study conducted by researchers in California and Spain.
    The Walnuts and Healthy Aging Study, published this month in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that walnut consumption by healthy, elderly adults had little effect on cognitive function over two years, but it had greater effect on elderly adults who had smoked more and had a lower baseline neuropsychological test scores.

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    Default Re: Walnuts May Slow Cognitive Decline In At-Rrisk Elderly

    I've always been partial to the Black Walnut, as opposed to the English Walnut, due to it's allegedly higher nutritional health properties. A while ago, I convinced my local health food co-op to stock black walnuts in their bulk dispenser section, and the stock clerk in charge recently told me that they were selling very well.
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    Default Re: Walnuts May Slow Cognitive Decline In At-Rrisk Elderly

    LOL! In my lifetime I have planted two black walnut trees. I ran over and destroyed the first one with the Rototiller, and I think my late husband did the same one day when he was the machine operator....
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