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Thread: Unique New Anti-Viral Treatment Made Using Sugar

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    Default Unique New Anti-Viral Treatment Made Using Sugar

    University of Manchester
    january 20 2020

    New antiviral materials made from sugar have been developed to destroy viruses on contact and may help in the fight against viral outbreaks.
    This new development from a collaborative team of international scientists shows promise for the treatment of herpes simplex (cold sore virus), respiratory syncytial virus, hepatitis C, HIV, and Zika virus to name a few. The team have demonstrated success treating a range of viruses in the lab -- including respiratory infections to genital herpes.

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    Default Re: Unique New Anti-Viral Treatment Made Using Sugar

    This process reminds me of a pitcher plant, which lures victims with its sweet appeal and then traps and digests them once inside their maw!
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