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Thread: Watch Out For Corona Virus Phishing Scams

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    Default Watch Out For Corona Virus Phishing Scams

    Lily Hay Newman
    January 31, 2020 PM

    At least one email campaign is preying on fears by claiming to offer info about the Wuhan coronavirus.

    On Thursday, as coronavirus infections spread, the World Health Organization classified the outbreak as a global emergency. On Friday, United States officials placed 195 people in a two-week federal quarantine at a California military base after evacuating them from Wuhan, China. Amid international efforts to contain transmission of the virus, online scammers have already begun exploiting the uncertainty and fear.
    A sample phishing email from Tuesday...shows attackers disseminating malicious links and PDFs that claim to contain information on how to protect yourself from the spread of the disease... Different attackers will launch different variations of the same scam to steal login credentials, distribute spyware, or collect personal information from their victims.

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    Default Re: Watch Out For Corona Virus Phishing Scams

    It never ceases to amaze me how some will seize upon fear to take advantage of others.

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