February 6, 2020

California is threatening to ban B12 shots, which sets a dangerous precedent. We must act now. Action Alerts!
The California State Board of Pharmacy has proposed regulatory language that would block patient access to vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) injections, IV glutathione, intranasal glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, as well as numerous other medications. This serious threat to crucial medicines must be opposed immediately to prevent significant harm to patients suffering from debilitating illnesses. We are also concerned that California’s actions regarding compounding provide a dangerous precedent as the FDA also considers a ban on methylcobalamin, glutathione, and other compounded supplements.

Urgent Action Alert!
EVERYONE: Write to Congress and the FDA, urging them to retain consumer access to B12 shots, IV glutathione, and other important natural medicines. Send your message immediately. TAKE ACTION!

State-based Action Alert!
CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Write to the State Board of Pharmacy and the state government and urge them to reject the proposed changes. TAKE ACTION!

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