Cornucopia Institute
February 16, 2020

If you have used Cornucopia Institute's scorecards in the past (we published one a couple of years ago on organic milk), you will be familiar with the process of distinguishing high-quality organic producers from the fake corporate CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations).

This Scorecard has become an essential tool because rogue agency USDA continues to violate Federal law and illegally refuses to enforce strict organic requirements on fraudulent mega corporate CAFOs.
Some of the top scorers in the poultry roundup maybe a challenge to find, although it's worth inquiring through one of your local natural food sources since many of them distribute outside of their home state.

Notice that in the cellar with failing zero rankings are the mega retailer house-brands supplied by Costco, Ahold ('Nature's Promise,' Hannaford), Tyson, Perdue, Whole Foods/Amazon and Trader Joe's. Walmart doesn't appear anywhere on the list; apparently it doesn't carry organic poultry.

See the ratings: