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Thread: Prebiotics May Limit Cancer Growth By Enhancing Immunity

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    Default Prebiotics May Limit Cancer Growth By Enhancing Immunity

    Maria Cohut
    February 14 2020

    Research in mouse models suggests that two prebiotics — mucin and inulin — could inhibit the growth of melanoma tumors by boosting the immune response. There is still a long way to go, however, until scientists can confirm the effectiveness of this approach in humans.

    Prebiotics are natural compounds that stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria.
    For this reason, researchers have recently been increasing their efforts to find out more about how prebiotics might influence various biological mechanisms.

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    Default Re: Prebiotics May Limit Cancer Growth By Enhancing Immunity

    Prebiotics are not supplements you take, but foods you consume that contain specific ingredients. I googled the top 19 foods and found that roughly half of them are foods that many of us eat daily or at least weekly; the rest are kind of bizarro, like chicory root, jicama, burdock root, yakon root and seaweed.

    But there are a couple of others that, while perhaps less common, are readily available and easily incorporated into one's diet. Jerusalem artichokes, or "sunchokes," are a semi-wild root that I grow not only for myself, but in the last couple of years, as a retail crop for local natural food stores. They can be prepared like potatoes, but also sliced raw into salads for a nice crunch or substituted for water chestnuts in Asian cooking. Konjac may be more familiar to you as shirataki noodles — flavorless, 0 calories, ready to eat after rinsing; it's also available as a powder, a healthy substitute for thickening agents like flour or corn starch. I've mentioned flaxseed here several times as one of my preferred brunch foods, and I use seaweed (flaked, in bags; "Vitamin Sea" is one brand) to add iodine and micronutrients to salads, soups, stews and casseroles. It just sort of disappears into the food!
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