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Thread: Mediterranian Diet Promotes Gut Bacteria Linked To 'Healthy Aging' In Older People

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    Default Mediterranian Diet Promotes Gut Bacteria Linked To 'Healthy Aging' In Older People

    British Medical Journal
    February 17 2020

    Eating a Mediterranean diet for a year boosts the types of gut bacteria linked to 'healthy' ageing, while reducing those associated with harmful inflammation in older people, indicates a five-country study, published online in the journal Gut.

    As ageing is associated with deteriorating bodily functions and increasing inflammation, both of which herald the onset of frailty, this diet might act on gut bacteria in such a way as to help curb the advance of physical frailty and cognitive decline in older age, suggest the researchers.

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    Default Re: Mediterranian Diet Promotes Gut Bacteria Linked To 'Healthy Aging' In Older Peopl

    It's that "uncommon" common sense: fresh fruits and vegetables, weekly fish, non-GMO pasta, healthy herbs and a glass of wine. Low-income people in assisted living facilities are fed crap and parked in front of a TV all day. It's tragic. I had a special friend confined to such a facility until dementia took her away. All my summer visits included baskets of fresh garden vegetables, and when the inmates saw me coming they were JOYFUL! My contributions were so welcomed!
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