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Thread: Why Is Nutrition So Hard To Study?

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    Default Why Is Nutrition So Hard To Study?

    Tim Newman
    February 24 2020

    Is dairy good or bad for health? Is cholesterol evil? Does red meat kill or cure? Is the ketogenic diet a godsend or a health hazard? Can the vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or raw food diet extend disease-free life?

    Nutrition is wrapped in multiple confusions. Why is it so hard to determine whether a food is good or bad for health?
    In medical science, proving any theory is difficult. The science of nutrition is no different, but it also has some unique challenges. In this feature, we outline just some of these stumbling blocks.

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    Default Re: Why Is Nutrition So Hard To Study?

    Once I understood the nexus between nutrition and good health, I never thought of studying nutrition as "hard." True, the constantly changing nature of nutrition is a challenge. Regularly, studies--sometimes just weeks apart--will often contradict each other on nutritional facts, shaking your confidence in what you thought you knew. But, this makes studying nutrition dynamic. It never gets old, never stale. For some, I can see how constant evolution of nutritional data could seem hard. It takes tenacity, perseverance to learn nutrition and to understand that you will never really know everything. And, what you think you know today will change tomorrow. "Hard" to study nutrition? way. It's challenging, dynamic, and exciting. But, for those who dislike ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty, then studying nutrition may seem hard. As they say, "different strokes for different folks!!

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