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Thread: Philippines And Singapore Testing Coconut Oil As Possible Treatment For Ccoronovirus

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    Default Philippines And Singapore Testing Coconut Oil As Possible Treatment For Ccoronovirus

    CNN Philippines Staff
    February 27 2020

    Coconut oil, whose health benefits have been proven in the past, will be tested for use as a potential treatment for the novel coronavirus infection.
    “That [VCO] is being looked into,” Health Secretary Francisco Duque III told CNN Philippines’ Newsroom on Tuesday.
    “We have heard very good studies with regard to its ability to neutralize the viruses, but for the COVID- 19, it is not clear,” the top health official added

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    Default Re: Philippines And Singapore Testing Coconut Oil As Possible Treatment For Ccoronovi

    Great to see researchers turning to "natural" remedies, like vitamin C & coconut oil, to battle the coronavirus. However, I believe the results of these trials will be heavily influenced by the type of natural ingredients used. This trial proposes to use "virgin" coconut oil, meaning not refined. However, "organic" virgin coconut oil--less chemicals and pesticides used to grow the coconut--would probably yield better outcomes. The Phillippines--one of the world's largest producers of coconut oil--has been accused of genetically engineering (GE) coconuts for a decade. While GE is not GMO, it concerns me that the coconut oil being used to determine whether it can be effective against the coronavirus may be adulterated in some way. BigPharma loves it every time a natural remedy "proves" to be an ineffective treatment.

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