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    Default Fermented Garlic


    • 3 heads garlic
    • Filtered water
    • Kosher salt (or ?another non-iodized salt)

    Steps to Make It

    • Peel as many cloves as it takes to fill the jar you are working with.

      Create a salt brine by dissolving the salt in the water. Use 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt for each cup of non-chlorinated water.

    • Add the brine to the jar to cover the cloves.

    • Put the lid on the jar loosely and set it on your kitchen counter.
    • Open the jar once a day to release the pressure created by fermentation. When you do this, your kitchen will smell very strongly of garlic, especially once the fermentation really gets going.
    • It might take a few days to a week for fermentation to begin. You can tell when you see tiny bubbles in the brine. After a bit, the brine will take on a lovely golden-brown color.
    • Let the garlic continue to ferment for at least a month for best results, but some of the best, most mellowed flavors come from cloves that had fermented for at least two months.
    • When you decide that it is done, screw the lid on firmly and put it in the fridge to store.
    • You can use it anywhere you would use fresh garlic. After being fermented, one clove almost works as well as two.
    • When you are out of the garlic cloves, save the brine. Add a drop or two to savory cocktails like Bloody Marys, sprinkle in dressings or marinades, or blend with melted butter for quick and easy garlic butter.

    If you are making a small amount, you can use a really cheap air lock from brewing supplies in any jar you choose. Make a hole in a plastic lid, fit the grommet (which you also need to buy), and insert the airlock. Maybe $5 total, cheaper than the one in this link.
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    Default Re: Fermented Garlic

    Sounds good and easy. Thanks for posting, Julieanne!
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    Default Re: Fermented Garlic

    I have added a comment to the recipe re using a cheap airlock. Saves a lot of time fiddling around and constantly 'burping' the jar, and ensures air doesn't get in.

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