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Thread: In Italy, we live in silence, die in silence — and wait

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    Default In Italy, we live in silence, die in silence — and wait

    Monica Maggioni
    March 13, 2020

    CALCO, Italy — Before the virus came, I was living in my usual, hectic way, going back and forth from Milan to Rome for work. As such, I turned a blind eye to the worrying news coming from China. Even the onset of contagion in the Codogno area near Milan was, to me, just another news story.
    So when the virus came close, I was surprised to discover that hard choices had to be made — and fast. The first: Where do we wait this out? Do I stay in Rome, where I live and work, or go back to the little village outside of Milan where my aging parents live? Ultimately, I chose to stay close to my parents in case they needed help. The result is that my family is split in two by the virus.

    Keep reading. It's a prevew of things to come. We are so unprepared.

    If you are paywalled from reading this article, I will happily copy it here for you. I wouldn't post it if I didn't think it was worth reading.
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    Default Re: In Italy, we live in silence, die in silence — and wait

    Italy has the highest number of coronavirus deaths outside of China. It also has the oldest population of all the European countries. One less reported observation, so far, is that men tend to be more affected by the coronavirus and their symptoms more severe than women, according to Dr. Luis Ostroksy, Professor & Epidemiologist at the University of Texas McGovern Medical School. Why? Women have higher levels of estrogen. Estrogren, apparently, is protective. However, he warns that men should not run out to buy estrogren supplements. Won't work. Keep reading:
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