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Thread: What's better? ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate; intravenous or oral?

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    Default What's better? ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate; intravenous or oral?

    This post references a long and technical paper by Doris Loh. Therefore I will include a few choice quotes to whet your appetite.

    I found these quotes especially interesting:

    "Critically ill patients in sepsis, trauma, burns, or ischemia/reperfusion injury exhibit extremely low levels of plasma ascorbic acid"

    "The requirement for ascorbic acid (AA) during this stage can be heightened as ascorbic acid may be used by plasma membrane redox enzymes to rescue mitochondria facing apoptotic events due to membrane depolarization from permeabilization initiated by viroporins"

    "At this stage, if the body does not have adequate melatonin to control inflammasomes72 , then the depletion rate of ascorbic acid will be exponential."

    Notice that last quote implies we should be getting plenty of sunlight to keep up our melatonin levels. Hmmm. Sequestration, but still get outside?

    "The true question remains whether we are properly utilizing the full capacity of ascorbic acid to treat SARS-CoV-2 if sodium ascorbate can only serve as an antioxidant and not as a REDOX molecule preferred and used exclusively by the body."

    "Cell-free hemoglobin [CFH] is the major cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), but the exact mechanism was never completely understood until Jamie L Kuck et al. (2018) conclusively demonstrated that cell-free hemoglobin decreased the integrity of epithelial monolayer causing increased permeability of macromolecules, while at the same time CFH significantly decreased intracellular ascorbate in human endothelial cells"

    QUESTION - can sodium ascorbate be regenerated to an antioxidant state as effectively as ascorbic acid?

    "Supplementation of quercetin may need to be reconsidered when using oral ascorbic acid during COVID-19 treatment."

    Hope this finds you all healthy!!

    Glenn Atkisson
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    Default Re: What's better? ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate; intravenous or oral?

    Thanks, Stoneharbor. I'll come back to this, probably tomorrow, or as soon as time permits. Maybe even tonight.
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