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Thread: Recovered, Almost, China's Early Patients Unable To Shed Coronavirus

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    Default Recovered, Almost, China's Early Patients Unable To Shed Coronavirus

    Brenda Goh
    April 23 2020

    Dressed in a hazmat suit, two masks and a face shield, Du Mingjun knocked on the mahogany door of a flat in a suburban district of Wuhan on a recent morning.
    A man wearing a single mask opened the door a crack and, after Du introduced herself as a psychological counsellor, burst into tears.
    "I really can't take it anymore," he said. Diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in early February, the man, who appeared to be in his 50s, had been treated at two hospitals before being transferred to a quarantine centre set up in a cluster of apartment blocks in an industrial part of Wuhan.
    Why, he asked, did tests say he still had the virus more than two months after he first contracted it?

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    Default Re: Recovered, Almost, China's Early Patients Unable To Shed Coronavirus

    I think the professionals need to pay more attention to the actual test kit. It is likely that people who are deemed free of the virus, only to have it reappear 50 -70 days later, were never really free of the virus. It is possible the virus could drop to a level undetectable by the test kit after intense treatment, only to rise again after treatment is stopped. I understand this is how the HIV virus works. Current drugs can reduce the virus to an undetectable level, at which time the person is deemed unable to pass the virus. However, the virus has not disappeared, but only dropped to undetectable levels.

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    Default Re: Recovered, Almost, China's Early Patients Unable To Shed Coronavirus

    Two questions: are they still physically sick? And are they contagious to others? The answer to the latter seems to be, no.
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