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Thread: The Coronavirus Has Mutated And Appears to be More Contagious Now

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    Default The Coronavirus Has Mutated And Appears to be More Contagious Now

    Berkeley Lovelace, Jr.
    May 5, 2020

    The coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China, over four months ago has since mutated and the new, dominant strain spreading across the U.S. appears to be even more contagious, according to a new study.
    The new strain began spreading in Europe in early February before migrating to other parts of the world, including the United States and Canada, becoming the dominant form of the virus across the globe by the end of March, researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory wrote in a 33-page report published Thursday on BioRxiv.

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    Default Re: The Coronavirus Has Mutated And Appears to be More Contagious Now

    Interesting, the paper opens with "Declaration of Interests:The authors declare no competing interests"

    Nothing said about supporting interests. I would guess companies interested in developing vaccines for viruses would have interest in this work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANA).

    The summary explains "The study attempts to reveal mutations that may confer selective advantages in transmission or resistance to interventions

    I can see how this subject might interest those involved in developing drug therapies. One might attempt to develop a vaccine that is effective against not just one strain, but most strains of a currently threatening virus.

    I read a couple of months ago that Wuhan was prime territory for natural emergence of viruses due to the low Selenium in the soil in that area of China. I lost the article, but just sought more information on the subject, as it seemed that Selenium deficiency somehow encouraged viruses to become more virulent, which includes increased speed of mutation. (I say this fully aware that a battle is brewing over who (as in humans) engineered and released this virus. I'm not going there, as for me, at the moment, it doesn't matter.) I found the following, indicating that mutations do indeed seem to arise more readily in low Selenium states.

    "For a long time, researchers have believed that this was only the result of an impaired host immune response due to the deficiency of a particular nutritional element. However, as described below, the mechanism is more complex in that nutritional deficiency impacts not only the immune response of the host but also the viral pathogen itself. Thus, dietary selenium deficiency that causes oxidative stress in the host can alter a viral genome, so that a normally benign or mildly pathogenic virus becomes highly virulent in the deficient host under oxidative stress."

    China remediated the Selenium level in the soil of at least 12 deficient provinces some time after 1980:

    Here's more on viral mutation rates:

    The mutation thing is as big a gamble for the virus as it is for the host. I'd say, not to worry. The LANL paper is aimed at trying to efficiently develop a vaccine that can handle multiple mutations of a virus when at the moment, all the mutations haven't appeared yet, and none of them have been measured as to transmission success or resistance by host. They have an expensive juggling act that must take place before a vaccine can be produced and the manufacturers are always playing "catch up" with the mutating virus.

    Not a game I would take on. But big Pharma has no more options.

    They continually hit a brick wall with the FDA on traditional drugs and they hope to have something they can sell by the billions of vials with no advertising and no liability. So they are stuck in this rut until they just give up and go out of business.

    Society doesn't get more ignorant, it just happens to learn slowly. But it's one-directional. People don't forget, Even in a Plandemic, those in the know rely on their own noggin to find the way to immunity.

    My feeling is the drug companies are headed to extinction as the world gets wiser. .

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    Default Re: The Coronavirus Has Mutated And Appears to be More Contagious Now

    Amid this barrage of articles on COVID-19, one devote considerable attention to the matter of selenium and its role in infection. A link included a map that showed my area of Maine to be significantly deficient in selenium in the soil, which encourages and supports my supplementing with selenium several times a week.
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    Default Re: The Coronavirus Has Mutated And Appears to be More Contagious Now

    You are on the right track Islander. I found even more evidence of how selenium helps with virus, and posted a couple of links in Mr. Wizard's thread on viral Mutation. Selenium in sufficient amounts reduces the virus likelihood to mutate. In a host with insufficient Selenium, virulence and mutation speeds up as viruses apparently also need Selenium.

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