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Thread: Bayer CEO Presses to Repair His Monsanto Deal's Damage

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    Default Bayer CEO Presses to Repair His Monsanto Deal's Damage

    I have long wondered what happened to the BAYER official who made the decision to buy Monsanto for $63 Billion. This article provides that detail.

    Ruth Bender
    February 11, 2020

    In April last year, Bayer AG Chief Executive Werner Baumann was on defense. The architect of one of the most disastrous acquisitions in German corporate history, he had become the country's first chief executive to lose a vote of confidence by shareholders.
    Almost a year later, with the German chemicals and pharmaceuticals company closer to settling more than 42,000 lawsuits inherited from its acquisition of U.S. agriculture giant Monsanto Co., and with a group-wide restructuring under way, investors say Mr. Baumann might just manage to fix the mess he made.

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