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Thread: China: ...Aging Population...Why the Novel Coronavirus Strikes Older People

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    Default China: ...Aging Population...Why the Novel Coronavirus Strikes Older People

    Margot Bafta
    March 29, 2020

    The birth rate in China has declined to its lowest in 70 years since the creation of the People's Republic of China (PRC). This happened even despite the abolition of the rule, “one family, one child.”
    In 2019, 580 thousand fewer children were born in China as compared to 2018, namely 14.65 million, which is the lowest rate since 1949. This is indeed a severe problem for the world’s second-largest economy. At the same time, the average life expectancy in China has increased, along with the country’s population. A situation like this is a time bomb for Chinese demography. Just think about it: a working minority will have to support a non-working majority.
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    Default Re: China: ...Aging Population...Why the Novel Coronavirus Strikes Older People

    I've posted about this dilemma many times before on Mercola and HH. As far as populations going down in China or elsewhere, I think that's great, we need some global population relief in a sensible, sane, and civilized way so we don't drain all of our safe and natural global resources, and therefore have to rely on corrupt corporatism to fill in the gaps with questionable quality food and pharma.

    But as for retirement pensions, what is needed is a retirement system where our pensions do not rely on prior and subsequent pension donors and recipients, such as enlarged and expanded government mandated personal retirement (expanded IRA) bank accounts.

    And also as well, similar health insurance savings accounts to cover the copay for a catastrophic health insurance account (with say a $10,000 deductible or whatever), of one's choosing from many interstate health insurance providers where much COMPETITION would help keep down insurance premium payments.
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