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Thread: Doctors Gagged As Feds Launch Censorship Campaign

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    Default Doctors Gagged As Feds Launch Censorship Campaign

    Alliance for Natural Health
    May 31 2020

    Your right to learn from your doctor about natural methods of staying healthy during the pandemic are under threat. We must fight back. Petition!
    The FDA, FTC, Department of Justice, and some state attorneys general have launched a coordinated censorship campaign that prevents medical and naturopathic doctors from communicating their extensive knowledge about how to stay healthy during the pandemic using natural medicine. The actions of these federal agencies will lead to more COVID-19 infections and death. We have to fight back to preserve our right to stay healthy, naturally.

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    Default Re: Doctors Gagged As Feds Launch Censorship Campaign

    This is true during normal times. Just continuing the same practice during a time when the public needs this info. even more. Signed.

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