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Thread: Why You Should Not Mix Bleach and Vinegar While Cleaning

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    Default Why You Should Not Mix Bleach and Vinegar While Cleaning

    I/we've always been aware that one should not mix bleach and chlorine as it is a deadly combination. This morning's EcoWatch article has a cautionary article about avoiding mixing bleach and vinegar for similar reasons.

    Daniel Yetman
    May. 31, 2020

    Bleach and vinegar are common household cleaners used to disinfect surfaces, cut through grime, and get rid of stains. Even though many people have both these cleaners in their homes, mixing them together is potentially dangerous and should be avoided.
    The type of bleach typically used for household cleaning is a made of sodium hypochlorite diluted to 3 to 8% in water. Vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid. When sodium hypochlorite is mixed with acetic acid or any other type of acid, it releases potentially lethal chlorine gas.

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