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Thread: Federal Court Reverses EPA Approval of Crop-Harming Dicamba

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    Default Federal Court Reverses EPA Approval of Crop-Harming Dicamba

    Olivia Rosane
    Jun. 04, 2020

    A federal court overturned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) approval of dicamba Wednesday, meaning the controversial herbicide can no longer be sprayed in the U.S.The product, originally designed by Monsanto, is opposed by some farmers and environmental groups because it can drift when sprayed, damaging wildlifeand other crops.

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    Default Re: Federal Court Reverses EPA Approval of Crop-Harming Dicamba

    Great "win" for us all, especially the farmers. The Bayer official who approved the purchase of Monsanto must be kicking himself daily. In addition to settling tens of thousands of lawsuits related to Monsanto's glyphosate (RoundUp) products, Bayer must now deal with potential Dicamba lawsuits. Fascinating that the Federal Court considered the "social costs" to the farming community in its decision to overturn EPA's approval.

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