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    Default Corona

    I asked the assistant at the chemist "what kills the Corona virus?"

    She replied "ammonia cleaner".

    I said" I'm sorry, I thought you worked here".

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    Default Re: Corona

    LOL! Rubbing alcohol also kills the virus, but try to find either of them on store shelves... or even ordering online.
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    Same here, I can't find either the 70% or 91% alcohol anywhere. There is still some 91% alcohol remaining in my handheld atomizer, (that I use as a safer fly spray and other purposes), and there is also an unopen 91% bottle in the bathroom, so I'm using it all very sparingly. In the meanwhile, I purchased a cheap backup quart bottle of clear vodka to get me through for various medicinal reasons, if ever needed.

    PS: After having gone shopping afterwards, I FINALLY found and purchased 2, (out of only 6 left) 16oz bottles of 70% alcohol at the Wally pharmacy dept. But, I would have preferred the 91% versions which have so far been non-existent.
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    Lol. She's been watching too much TV. Also, can't find rubbing alcohol anywhere. I've been searching since March. I have plenty of bleach, vinegar, and lysol disinfectant, which I use sparingly.

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