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Thread: Can Oregano Oil Treat A Cold?

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    Default Can Oregano Oil Treat A Cold?

    Zawn Villines
    June 29 2020

    Research suggests that some of the chemicals in oregano have antiviral properties. Scientists have, therefore, speculated that oregano oil might be an effective remedy against cold and flu viruses. However, at present, there is not enough research to support this idea.
    People may use the term oregano oil to refer to either oil of oregano or oregano essential oil. The two are very different in their uses and applications.
    This article outlines the scientific research into oregano essential oil and its efficacy as a treatment for the common cold. We also outline some potential risks of using oregano.

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    Default Re: Can Oregano Oil Treat A Cold?

    A very good explanation of difference between oregano essential oil and oil of oregano. I regularly take "wild mountain" oil of oregano, which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. This article explained that wild mountain has more carvacol than other types, which was new info. for me. Since I take oil of oregano along with vitamin C and other nutrients, I cannot vouch for its benefits as a stand-alone nutrient. Unlike oil of oregano, oregano "essential" oil should never be ingested.

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