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Thread: Eat healthy yet still satisfy your craving

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    Default Eat healthy yet still satisfy your craving

    Hai! I just wanted to share about my experienced in losing weight by eating healthy. Have you ever try using airfryer for your meal? Of course exercise is important, but calorie count 2 times effective in weigh loss! I'll highly recommend you to start cook your food with airfryer, doesnt matter any brand. And its still taste good! not plain at all! You can see how much different it make!
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    Default Re: Eat healthy yet still satisfy your craving

    Air fryers seem to be the latest big thing. I have seen lots advertised lately, with favourable comments and tips. Just don't have the bench space for another appliance, but they do sound tempting.
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    Scilover, that's an interesting and and informative article, even though it appears to have been written by someone whose first language is not English. However, I suggest that you read the "Getting Started" forum at the top of the site. There you will find specific instructions on how to post an item. As you can see by scrolling through the site, every post begins with a title, an author, a date, and a 100-word excerpt. There's a reason why this kind of consistency is important.
    So, I'm glad to have learned a bit about air fryers. Although I don't have the need or the budget for one more kitchen appliance, it's useful information.
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