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Thread: Nurses Who Battled Virus In NY Confront Friends Who Say It Is A Hoax

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    Default Nurses Who Battled Virus In NY Confront Friends Who Say It Is A Hoax

    July 7 2020

    After aiding coronavirus patients in New York City, nurses face relatives and friends who refuse to wear masks or don’t believe the virus is real.

    Nurses who traveled from across the country to work in New York City hospitals saw the horrors of the coronavirus up close. They rushed patients to overcrowded intensive care units, monitored oxygen levels and held the hands of the sickest ones as they slipped away.
    But now that many of the nurses have returned home to states in the South and the West, they’re facing a new challenge: persuading friends and family to take the virus seriously.

    Read more: nstance_id=20100&nl=coronavirus-briefing&regi_id=93723535&segment_id=32845&te=1&us er_id=fc5f66db8d199362258b0e20e9725adc
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    Default Re: Nurses Who Battled Virus In NY Confront Friends Who Say It Is A Hoax

    I want to say that this is incomprehensible, but in fact it's probably pretty believable, sad to say. We have been ruined by our president's constant repetition of the "fake news" phrase, to the point where we are skeptical of everything and believe nothing, regardless of the source.
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    Default Re: Nurses Who Battled Virus In NY Confront Friends Who Say It Is A Hoax

    In 1976, there was the whole Swine flu vaccine debacle, leading 80 million Americans to get innoculated for a pandemic that never showed up. In the early 80s, Americans were initially told HIV was a "gay disease." When it start showing up in the hetero population, people didn't know what to believe. Fast forward to COVID, the gov't initially tells young people they can't get it; now we know that's not true! Also, early on, great emphasis was placed on the fact that blacks and hispanics appeared to bear the brunt of infections. So, some were led to believe COVID is a "minority" disease. Bottom line: I think many people are truly confused and just don't know what to believe, so they surmise it's all a hoax....although I'm not dismissing the harm done by suggestions of a hoax from some high level gov't officials.

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