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Thread: How Good Bacteria Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

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    Default How Good Bacteria Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

    Emily Caldwell
    July 8 2020

    Scientists have discovered that one of the good bacteria found in the human gut has a benefit that has remained unrecognized until now: The potential to reduce the risk for heart disease.

    The bacteria's activity in the intestines reduces production of a chemical that has been linked to the development of clogged arteries. After it's manufactured in the gut, the chemical enters the bloodstream and travels to the liver,

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    Default Re: How Good Bacteria Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

    Gut bacteria--or microbiome--are essential to our overall health, affecting everything from our weight to allergies. Like microbiome, healthy viruses--or our virome--are equally important for overall health. In fact, some viruses help weed out bad or unneeded bacteria to keep us healthy.

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