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Thread: Hong Kong Discovers COVID-19 Mutation That Makes Virus 30% More Infectious

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    Default Hong Kong Discovers COVID-19 Mutation That Makes Virus 30% More Infectious

    Tyler Durden

    As Hong Kong reimposes new social distancing restrictions and orders gyms and arcades to close, while asking restaurants to close dine-in service in the evenings, one of its top virus experts is warning the city state might be on the cusp of its biggest and deadliest outbreak yet, and that Hong Kongers must be careful to do their part to help stop SARS-CoV-2 from spreading.

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    Default Re: Hong Kong Discovers COVID-19 Mutation That Makes Virus 30% More Infectious

    A few random observations here.
    First, there is no Tyler Durden. A collection of writers works for and all of them publish under the nom de plume of Tyler Durden.
    Secondly, there is no consistent reliability, in my experience, of the articles that appear in Some of them may be questionable. Some may seem outlandish. Some appear to be conspiratorial. Occasionally some reveal little-known information that deserves to be shared. The difficulty comes in discerning what category any particular story belongs to.
    I would consider this story to be one deserving of further investigation. Let's be alert for follow-up articles in mainstream media that confirm this discovery, in which case we can pride ourselves for being the first to know. And if it turns out to be a big nothingburger, we can always delete it and pretend we never saw it.
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