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Thread: Cuba Using Homeopathy For Covid-19

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    Default Cuba Using Homeopathy For Covid-19

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    July 14 2020

    India is not the only country using homeopathy as a preventative for COVID-19.
    Cuba with its population of 11.34 million is doing the same.
    Since early April, the Cuban Ministry of Health has been rolling out the combination remedy PrevengHo®Vir as a way to increase resilience in its population to viral diseases and respiratory infections.
    PrevengHo®Vir consists of the remedies: Anas barbariae 200C; Arsenicum album 200C; Bacillinum 30C; Baptisia tinctoria 200C; Eupatorium perfoliatum 200C; Influenzinum 200C; Pyrogenium 200C; Tuberculinum aviaire 200C.

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    Default Re: Cuba Using Homeopathy For Covid-19

    And in the meanwhile, the U.S. FDA is giving homeopathy yet another hassle as described in yesterday's ANH email alert:

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    Default Re: Cuba Using Homeopathy For Covid-19

    Cuba doesn't get a fraction of the credit it deserves, especially in the field of healthcare.
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