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Thread: Immune Boosting Garlic Honey

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    Default Immune Boosting Garlic Honey

    Lauren Glucina
    March 23 2019

    Another simple recipe to add to your home apothecary. This one is almost as old as time, and combines garlic (poor man’s penicillin!) with Manuka honey for double the antimicrobial punch.

    When I was a wee one, I vividly remember my Dida (grandad) crushing whole garlic cloves, resting them on a spoonful of honey and throwing them down the hatch.
    I used to wrinkle my nose in disgust! He always had garlic-smelling fingers and of course a garlic-breath to boot.
    It turns out, the old garlic and honey combo is as old as the hills, a centuries old remedy for sore throats and colds

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