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Thread: Can my Dog eat Bone??

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    Default Can my Dog eat Bone??

    Hai.. This is my first time having a dog! Its golden retriever.. Can I feed my dog with bones as snacks? I read about it that it's actually not good, unless if I give edible bones..

    You know, the one that you buy at the pet store.. A little confuse here.. Any suggestion?
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    Default Re: Can my Dog eat Bone??

    Do an on-line search for <bones for dogs>. There are lots of websites that deal with safe and healthy dog bones, here is one of many:

    Most of those pet supply doggie treat bones and chewies are adulterated with god-knows-what, though my health food co-op sells some supposedly healthy pet snacks, so read the ingredient labels.

    I feed various cooked bones to my 11 Y.O. wirehaired Griffon Pointer, Maggie, (, close example, and she gets sheared every May to tolerate the summer heat), and so far have not had any problems that I'm aware of, as I'm always there to watch her at noontime dinner, but perhaps I need to be more cautious. Otherwise, Maggie runs loose on the well protected fenced property, all day long, sometimes devouring a rabbit, bones and all.
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    Default Re: Can my Dog eat Bone??

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always understood that dogs and cats should be fed only raw bones, never cooked. That said, I have fed my German Shepherd cooked beef bones with no problem. She does crunch, crumble and devour the entire bone! Occasionally I do buy raw bones for her at the supermarket, knowing they're safe, and those she cannot crumble and consume.
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