Note to all: pressures have piled up on me in the last few days: I'm trying to give away vegetables from an over producing garden to everyone I know, including my doctor, my postmistress and my three librarians. Both my state senator and representative are trying to chase down my missing stimulus payment and I have follow-up numbers and paperwork to pursue. I've had a water problem and couldn't water gardens; today the long promised workmen came and put everything together… Not cheap, but I spent about an hour just watering the orchard garden. And so it goes. What I hope you'll understand is that I am not able to read all the responses, or even all the articles in their entirety, as I usually do.
Also, I'm about to post a very long article that I myself have only half read, but that seems critical to our pursuit of the coronavirus origin. I plucked it from a Facebook friend's post but I'm not going to post it to Facebook myself until I am satisfied that it either is, or is not, suggestive of a conspiracy or a very definite lab accident.

That's my story and I wanted you to be aware that I'm not dismissing anything here, in fact I'm eager to do the promised upgrade. Things should settle down after the weekend!