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Thread: Op-Ed: That CDC 6% Death Rate Explained

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    Default Op-Ed: That CDC 6% Death Rate Explained

    ZDogg Md
    September 2 2020

    The internet lit up recently over COVID-19 death statistics from the CDC. In this video, ZdoggMD explains what they actually show.
    Following is a transcript of his remarks:

    Hey everybody, Dr. Z. OK, I came here for this live broadcast back today because so many people are talking about this CDC data that just came, well, was just tweeted out by the president and then removed by Twitter for being fake information. And it has led to a storm of misunderstandings about what this data means, and worse yet, we're really getting to a point where we're just absolutely becoming scientifically illiterate.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: Op-Ed: That CDC 6% Death Rate Explained

    THANK YOU for posting this, Julie. I had read it two or three days ago — not this article, another one with the same information, the same statistics, the same explanation of how a death certificate is composed. And then I saw the misinformation flying and I failed to find the original article that explains it all. Well this is not it, but it's the same information and I will continue to repeat it online as necessary until everyone gets it!
    As a matter of fact, I think Sayer Ji made the same miscalculation, the same identical misunderstanding of the content of a death certificate. Shame on him!
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