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Thread: States Are Doing What Big Government Won’t to Stop Climate Change

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    Default States Are Doing What Big Government Won’t to Stop Climate Change

    James Bruggers
    Sep. 10, 2020

    In Maine, state officials are working to help residents install 100,000 high efficiency heat pumps in their homes, part of a strategy for electrifying the state. In California, an in-demand grant program helps the state's largest industry—agriculture, not technology—to pursue a greener, more sustainable future. Across Appalachia, solar panels are appearing on rooftops of community centers in what used to be coal towns.

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    Default Re: States Are Doing What Big Government Won’t to Stop Climate Change

    In Maine, prior to governor Mills' signing that bill, assistance was already in place to lower the cost of a heat pump. I've had mine for two years, at a very deep discount too, and I'm delighted with it. It serves as an occasional heat supply on a chilly morning, for instance, but for me its biggest advantage has been the cooling ability on brutally hot summer days when one needs a break from the outside heat and humidity. Equally important, it uses dramatically less electricity compared to any other mechanical means of heating or cooling one's home. It's been a real blessing for me!
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