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Thread: Suffering from osteoarthritis

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    Default Suffering from osteoarthritis

    Hi There,

    I hope everybody is fine.
    My mother was diagnosed with osteoarthritis last week. For the past few months, she has been experiencing severe pain and swelling in her right knee. And she didn't take it seriously until the pain increased intolerably. She was taken to an Orthopedist and was taking meds, which was prescribed to her. But swelling is not reduced, and the pain is still there. She is unable to walk or do anything. My cousin came to visit my mother and suggested trying this physiotherapy treatment. As I haven't done physiotherapy before, I don't know whether it can be helpful or not. Anyway, we are thinking about doing it. She had suffered leg injuries in a car accident five years ago. I don't know whether this is the consequence of that accident. What do you guys think? Has anyone experienced a similar condition? Is physiotherapy beneficial for curing osteoarthritis? Kindly share your opinions so that it would be helpful.


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    Default Re: Suffering from osteoarthritis

    tintuc, please remove the link from your post or it will be deleted. Spam is not allowed on HH.

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    Julieanne, suggest you direct message him with a 24 hour deadline. It's been two days, he's had plenty of time.
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