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Thread: 'They're Not Actually Getting Better,' Says Founder Of COVID-19 Long-Haulers Support

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    Default 'They're Not Actually Getting Better,' Says Founder Of COVID-19 Long-Haulers Support

    by Robin Young and Serena McMahon

    September 10, 2020

    President Trump knew in February that the coronavirus was deadly and worse than the flu, even though publicly he downplayed the virus’ severity, according to journalist Bob Woodward’s new book.
    One suburban mom has been trying to tell people how serious this pandemic is since March. Diana Berrent is a COVID-19 long-hauler, which is a person who suffers from debilitating medical issues even after their tests show they no longer carry the coronavirus.

    Berrent is still battling symptoms nearly seven months after experiencing her most severe illnesses with COVID-19. She says she’s seen specialist after specialist for complications with her eyesight, gastrointestinal tract and recurring headaches.
    She recently received shocking news from the eye doctor who told her she has borderline glaucoma, a condition that can cause blindness.

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    Default Re: 'They're Not Actually Getting Better,' Says Founder Of COVID-19 Long-Haulers Supp

    COVID may end up being a virus that may wreak havoc on the body years after a person is cleared of having it. West Nile virus--an RNA virus like COVID--is known for causing complications up to 7 - 8 yrs. after a patient is cleared. Also, it's too soon for scientist to know definitively that the COVID virus completely leaves the body, even though it may be undetectable by a test. Herpes Simplex, Mononucleosis, HIV, etc. are viruses that never leave the body, although test may show an "undetectable" viral load. Once you have these viruses, they are forever in your body. Just because a test does not detect the virus in the blood doesn't mean the virus is not hiding in body tissues, causing problems although undetectable.

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