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Thread: CDC: Covid-19 Wiped Out The 'Flu Around The World This Year

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    Default CDC: Covid-19 Wiped Out The 'Flu Around The World This Year

    Molly Walker
    September 17 2020

    Flu numbers in the U.S. were historically low during COVID-19 in the spring, with deep declines also occurring in the recently completed Southern Hemisphere flu season, CDC researchers found.
    Influenza positivity rates in specimens tested (a standard metric of community flu activity) fell 98% in 2020 during March 1-May 16 relative to Sept 29, 2019-Feb. 29, 2020, plummeting from a median of 19.34% to 0.33%, reported Sonja Olsen, PhD, of the CDC in Atlanta, and colleagues.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: CDC: Covid-19 Wiped Out The 'Flu Around The World This Year

    I believe wearing a mask, physical distancing, etc. have helped to reduce flu infections. But, I wonder how many of the millions of COVID patients also had the flu, but whose COVID diagnosis caused their flu infection to be overlooked. It is possible to have COVID and the flu at the same time!! According to a Stanford Univ. study, 20% of the specimens they evaluated were positive both for COVID plus at least one or more of 8 other pathogens, including the flu (influenza A/B), adenovirus, human metapneumovirus, rhinovirus/enterovirus, etc.
    Read the Stanford study here:

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    Default Re: CDC: Covid-19 Wiped Out The 'Flu Around The World This Year

    Referring to the first two behaviors you mentioned, Mr. Wizard, I see repeatedly from medical experts that practicing these two behaviors, particularly the wearing of a mask, would be more effective in the long run then waiting for a vaccine that, even when proven safe and effective, could not possibly target every one of the mutations that COVID-19 has had to date. And despite the president's optimistic predictions, experts confirm that there will be no vaccine available until mid to late 2021.
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