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Thread: Inside A Chinese Cockroach Farm

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    Default Inside A Chinese Cockroach Farm

    Bill Birtles
    September 18 2020

    For a final assignment to cap a five-year posting to China, I never would have chosen this.
    But deep inside a cavernous setup of tight corridors and shelves, I'm standing in the dark, sweating profusely as the rain-like sound of millions of cockroaches eating fills the silence.
    It's a peaceful ambience that would go well on one of those calming sleep apps.
    Everything else about the situation would probably keep people awake.
    Around me on walls, the ceiling and floors, cockroaches large and small scurry about, scattering whenever my cameraman Steve Wang points his camera light at them.

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    Default Re: Inside A Chinese Cockroach Farm

    "He thinks the farming process of giving food waste to cockroaches to feed animals for human consumptions could potentially work overseas." I think that's a splendid idea!
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