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Thread: Scientific Review Of Keto Diets Falls Short For Accuracy

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    Default Scientific Review Of Keto Diets Falls Short For Accuracy

    Ben Schur MD
    September 22 2020

    A recent review article aims to summarize the evidence-based benefits and potential shortcomings of a keto diet. Conclusions from this review state that keto may be helpful for weight loss in the short term — but that it may not be good for other health factors in the long term.
    Unfortunately, though, the authors’ assessment is flawed and suffers from inconsistent identification of studies, as do many other scientific reviews of keto diets.
    After the review’s introduction, which states what a keto diet is, the authors go on to make the following claims — without any cited references:

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    Default Re: Scientific Review Of Keto Diets Falls Short For Accuracy

    Once again, regardless of discrepancies, there simply is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet. I tried keto vigorously for over a month, as I think I said elsewhere. I even bought the test strips, which were not cheap. I made no progress, the strips wouldn't color up even when I went several days with zero carbs, and I lost 2 pounds over that period. I felt no better, had no more energy than usual, and all that high-protein food was expensive and lacked variety. I was happy to put the experiment to an end!
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    Default Re: Scientific Review Of Keto Diets Falls Short For Accuracy

    The one thing that these high protein and/or ketogenic diet articles tend to trivialize, not emphasize, or outright ignore is the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water for kidney health. In this linked article's secondary link by Drs. Runyan and Scher,, they FINALLY touch on the water drinking kidney health matter in the subtitle near the bottom of the page, "Low-carb diets and the risk of kidney stones", in the very last paragraph: "These factors include not drinking enough water,..."
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