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Thread: Multiple Unapproved Drugs Found In 'Brain Boosting' Supplements

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    Default Multiple Unapproved Drugs Found In 'Brain Boosting' Supplements

    Neuroscience News
    September 27 2020

    Summary: Researchers identified five unapproved drugs in dangerous combinations and doses in over-the-counter cognitive enhancement drugs. Side effects of the unapproved drugs include increases and decreases in blood pressure, agitation, and sedation.

    Supplements that claim to improve mental focus and memory may contain unapproved pharmaceutical drugs and in potentially dangerous combinations and doses, according to a new study published in Neurology Clinical Practice.
    Researchers found five such drugs not approved in the United States in the supplements they examined. The supplements are sometimes called “nootropics,” “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers.”

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    Default Re: Multiple Unapproved Drugs Found In 'Brain Boosting' Supplements

    What is the best nootropics on the market?

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    Default Re: Multiple Unapproved Drugs Found In 'Brain Boosting' Supplements

    We just bring the information to you. We are not in a position to test, evaluate or pass judgment on any particular drug or supplement, although sometimes individuals may make recommendations on a certain item that they have had success with personally. For instance, I think that ginkgo biloba has helped my memory, but that's just my personal experience; YMMV (your mileage may vary).
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