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Thread: Ultra Violet LEDS Proposed For Skin-Safe Vitamin D Production

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    Default Ultra Violet LEDS Proposed For Skin-Safe Vitamin D Production

    Ben Coxworth
    October 1 2020

    Even though we're warned about the harmful effects of the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight, they're essential for the production of vitamin D in the body. Now, scientists are claiming that UV LEDs could serve as a safe alternative to sunlight, when the latter isn't available in sufficient amounts.
    Among other things, vitamin D helps reduce the loss of bone density and muscle mass, particularly in the elderly. And while the vitamin can be taken in supplement form, it's most effective when naturally generated by the body, in response to sunlight exposure.

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    Default Re: Ultra Violet LEDS Proposed For Skin-Safe Vitamin D Production

    The UVB sun rays are mostly responsible for producing vitamin D. UVB rays are strongest between 10am and 2pm, but this is also the time when sunburn and skin damage may occur. So, exposure time in the sun will differ based on skin color, with darker skinned individuals requiring 30 to 40 minutes exposure vs. 15 minutes for lighter skin to generate between 15,000 to 25,000 IUs of vitamin D.

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